Sunday, November 2, 2014

Blog Update - Death Valley and Pahrump NV!

As most of you that follow along, know I traveled from Salt Lake City to Pahrump Nevada to take care of some personal business, explained later. I am in a Passport America campground - Wine Ridge RV Resort! It is a beautiful park and really set up as a winter destination, there are quite a few rigs here for the winter. Two pools, two hot tubs, wonderful shower facilities, free breakfast every morning and weekly dinners! Pickle Ball courts, horse shoes...plenty to do!

Being so close to Death Valley National Park, I figured I would click another National Park off my list and shoot some pictures. By the way - I have now visited 18 National Parks and six National Wildlife Refuges!

But first a couple sunset pics from the campground, while I was cooking my steak on my new BBQ!

So yesterday morning I loaded up the truck with water and my cameras and headed out on a planned 238 mile round trip! Windy but not raining and a little cool, so a perfect day to see some sights!

Got to 260 feet below sea level and this was at the visitor center!

The mountains were beautiful and very colorful!

The place is huge and very difficult to capture the expanse and varying colors...worth another trip here for sure! Maybe tomorrow after the Ghost Town!

Here is a 9 shot panorama of the colorful mountains! BTW the mountains on the west side had some snow on them from yesterdays storm and the wind was blowing so hard it was almost impossible to stand up or open the car door!

Here is a shot of the basin!

Late afternoon it was time to return to Pahrump and do a little more exploring. As I drove into town and headed for "The Ranch", I passed through what only can be described as a speed trap - 45 MPH drops to 35 then right back up to 45! Well, I was in the 45 MPH range and one of Nevada's finest was there to stop me. I was more than a little concerned, since my plates were expired and the registration expired! Luckily it was a nice trooper and I explained that it would have been changed had Friday not been a holiday, he understood and only wrote me a ticket for 10 MPH over and seat belt...I want to be thrown clear, I hate seat belts!!

So after about 20 minutes of worrying and wondering if I was headed to jail...he delivered the ticket and I was on my way, seat belt fastened and under 35 MPH until I was out of the trap area...

So I pulled into the parking lot at the ranch and grabbed a few shots before going inside!

So I went inside and was promptly buzzed in the door (security) and met by what can only be described as the "Madam", nice woman, but obviously not on the list of delights. I explained that a beer or cocktail was in order and I was led into the bar, I was the only person there, settled on a beer and she proceeded to explain the system. Since I was not there to see a particular girl, she would bring all 6 out for introductions and review. I told her I was more interested in a T-Shirt and my beer...three other guys entered the bar and she brought out the girls. They were all very lovely and promptly introduced themselves and asked my name and then headed to the new guys to do the same. Then they broke off into groups of two to talk some business and offer to take me on a tour. I declined the tour, but was interested in the price list...promptly told that they would not discuss price in the bar, but would be happy to take me to a more private place to discuss the terms and conditions...and each girl sets their own prices!

So I figured what the hell and headed to a short tour and a discussion with a pretty young blond! The place is very clean and looks to be well run. Needless to say the prices were far more than I was willing to indulge in....but she was very courteous and offered to find another girl who may have lower prices...I kindly extricated myself from the situation and returned to my beer and T-Shirt - finished my beer and left and headed for a casino downtown for a light dinner and a little gambling.

That didn't go well either - out about $60.00 on the slots, but won 22 cents!! On my way out the door on a progressive penny slot!! Did have a nice inexpensive dinner then back to the RV for some early sleep time!

Today I intend to head back towards Death Valley and find a Ghost town and take a few more pics...if the wind is down, I may head back in the park and see what I can see!

Don't expect to be back at the Ranch anytime soon, but it was fun and I have a T-Shirt to remember it by, also got a nice shirt at Death Valley!

Bit nipply out this morning with the cold front that went through yesterday - 38 degrees this morning, warm and toasty in the RV...but even now it is only 49 degrees and headed for the low 60s's!

Stay tuned for some Ghost Town pics...

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

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