Sunday, July 5, 2015

Blog Update - Montana Heat Wave and a couple drives! And Maintenance!

It has been very hot here the past 10 days or so - 94 to 102 and only getting into the 70's at night. Tough to get the energy to do much....

Had a few maintenance items yet to deal with on the RV. With the trip to the North Fork right around the corner it was time to replace the batteries in the RV to try and avoid running the generator while there. The new fridge runs on propane and I took out the small electric freezer for the trip and to make room for Millhoff, so just need the batteries for lights and control panel for the fridge. All new LED bulbs in the trailer so electric draw should be minimal. I have wanted to replace the batteries for quite some time, but the battery compartment would need some re-engineering to fit in two 6 volt golf cart batteries which is what I wanted.

Finally bit the bullet and bought two new 6 volts at Costco!

Removed the old ones and took out the shelf - the old ones were one above the other - but the new ones are taller and would not fit.

New ones in and wired up! Only smashed one finger getting those heavy bastards in there!

Also had time to turn on the A/C in the truck and take a couple afternoon drives. Went up to the North Fork to check out the fire and water level of the is low and the fire was pretty much out. So that was good. We are all happy they banned fireworks to hopefully prevent any more fires - Fire Danger is listed as extreme and with the heat and lack of rain it is really bad.

Here is the North Fork!

On the way home drove through Glacier NP and saw a bear - Flinchbaugh had the good seat, I was driving. He got a couple good pics...I had to try and shoot through his ass!

Yesterday July 4th - we headed on a long drive to explore some new territory - headed down a long dirt road about 20 miles or so...

At the end of the road was this....just what we were looking for - took about an hour and just relaxed and enjoyed the view...every other place we stopped was packed with July 4th people - this place was empty, just us.

Clyde went for a long swim!

Before leaving took a 5 shot panorama of the was beautiful!

Stay tuned - head to the North Fork on the 15th or so and Millhoff arrives on the 20th. One more project for the trailer - put in an outdoor shower - parts are ordered and hope to get it in before leaving.

More Adventure Awaits!

Capt. Jim - "The Wanderer"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

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  1. Nothing like finding your own private mountain lake during the chaos of a holiday weekend!!!