Sunday, July 12, 2015

Final Project before camping the North Fork

The outdoor shower arrived the other day and it was time for the well planned install. Of course it never goes as smoothly as anticipated, but it is in and working.

I also did my next to last shopping trip before leaving this Wednesday and the freezer is full.

But back to the shower install. The plan was to put it on the rear of the trailer right under the bathroom sink for easy access to hot and cold water lines.

Under the sink before install!

Drilled some pilot holes and then the task of cutting a huge hole in the back of the trailer, always a little reluctant to do that...but I avoided any wires!

In place under the sink from the outside now to hook up the plumbing...

Final before caulking around the enclosure!

Working under the sink proved to be an arduous task and caused me some damage, was bleeding all over everything. So I decided to make my life easier and removed the sink so I could work from above. Sink valves were old and leaking so that will get replaced later, for now no bathroom sink - never used it anyway - easier to use the kitchen sink...

Arm damage!

New fridge stocked up for trip!

The freezer is packed full - Millhoff won't go hungry!

My plan is to hitch up Tuesday and dump the waste tanks and then pressure wash all the sap and cottonwood tailings from the trailer then head up to the North Fork on Wednesday. After that will be out of touch for about 14 days or so.

Stay Tuned for more updates after Millhoff arrives...that will be interesting!

Capt. Jim - "The Wanderer"

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