Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Home at Last - Ohio for the summer!

After a very long trip almost completely across the country I am now settled into my summer campground. I arrived last Thursday, but dropped the camper and headed to my sisters house in Uniontown for the weekend for some rest and relaxation and good food and a real bed and bathroom.

I returned to the campground on Monday and started squaring away the camper and my site. Got the trailer leveled and put out my solar lights and adjusted the picnic table and will set up the camp chef outdoor kitchen tomorrow - damn rain.

The campground is a work in process and things are kind of a mess right now - but when the work is complete this place is going to be really nice - the new owners are putting in sewers, new electric and water, so there is a ton of ditches being dug and new pipes and wires being run. The septic system is in and all the plumbing is getting done. The plan is to do half the park now and then the other half later this summer. I am in the section not being done right now with electric only, no water or sewer, but I have plenty of water and the ability to get more and fill my trailer.

My first "Day of Work" was today - cleaned chairs and did some painting in the clubhouse then weeded a flower bed by the entrance and transplanted some plants so it will look nice. Hopefully the rain will stop so we can get some mowing done - everything is too wet right now, and the grass is high!

When I arrived last Thursday I pulled into the grass with the truck and trailer and promptly got stuck - so had to get another vehicle to pull me out onto hard ground then place the trailer...all is well now.

I am right across from one of the ponds!

Truck is muddy!

Trailer is set!

Geese and Gosling Family in the pond!

Chair out and ready to relax!

Signs out and solar lights!

Need more window space for future travels!

Time for a cocktail and a little relaxation...if somebody wants to donate a 24 pack of PBR, feel free to drop by!

Ready for summer to get here - some swimming in the lake, a little fishing and some visits with my Ohio friends!

Capt. Jim - "The Wanderer"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

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