Sunday, May 22, 2016

Summer in Ohio - Re-Group New Destination

Well, as many of you know my original destination didn't quite work out...I was extremely disappointed in the park and the way my departure was announced, I will chalk it up to poor management.

Basically the Park is in transition and they were way behind on their scheduled plans and needed another person around like a hole in the head...of course my feeling was they should have known that a long time ago and I could have punted before I even made the drive...but they didn't and I had to leave quickly (not fair) and re-group.

Thankfully my old HS Classmate (David Augustynovich) stepped up to the plate and allowed me to move my trailer to his place while I found another place. My sisters driveway is not an option - it is a steep hill and besides it has an association with restrictions...Augie's is on a large piece of property in the country and no problems.

So I dropped the trailer there and headed to my sisters for a few days to find something else. As it turns out had three offers and one was perfect. So I accepted the job and moved the camper over on Thursday the 19th of May and got to work right away on Saturday in the rain.

The job entails two functions - a couple days a week I will work collecting money for the waterpark and during functions and activities I will be taking pictures for the park, which is really what I enjoy, so should be a fun summer. In the meantine here are a few I have taken so far.

My Little Home in it's new summer location!

The neighborhood!

A Couple Park Pics!

Many of my park pics will be of kids and I don't want to publish pics all over the internet of kids who I have no idea who they are and would hate to have a parent get upset, so will leave those for the park to put on their website.

But here is an example!

So reality is, it worked out way better than the original place, much more to my liking and only 2.8 miles from my sisters, vs 25 miles....

Should be a fun and interesting summer!

I have a couple personal projects for this summer - 2017 Calendar will be either a Barberton one or an Ohio one, depends on the shots I get and the time to take them.

Stay Tuned!

Capt. Jim - "The Wanderer"

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