Monday, July 27, 2009

Day Off!!

Monday July 27th, 2009!!

Well I had a day off today so it was laundry day, clean my room and get some things done around the Lodge. I took a few minutes to walk around the Lodge and take some pictures of some of the flowers which are in bloom.

Looks like I’ll have a couple days off, so I will be getting some desk work done and begin to work on some marketing projects started for next year.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures, it was part of a small project I am beginning which is a “Blurb” book for this year – a “Crew at Yes Bay Lodge 2009”…should be interesting, but more importantly I am beginning to work on a table top book recounting my last three years here at the Lodge and some of the beautiful pictures from the past three years.

Should be fun…

More later,

Capt Jim

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