Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yes Bay Lodge Fishing Report - July 30th, 2009

Thursday July 30th – Fishing Report

4 boats fished today – 2 only fished the afternoon the other 2 were out all day. Fish were still biting today with all the salmon you could want, although most were being fairly selective and leaving the darker pinks and chum to go off and continue to spawn. Several silvers were brought in as well as a nice Sockeye, which is rare to catch on boat as they normally eat plankton and jellyfish. Purely a defensive strike I am sure, but very good bright red meat and good eating!!

No halibut although several boats spent some time trying to entice them to bite…

Enjoy the pictures of another fine day of fishing at Yes Bay Lodge in SE Alaska!

HOT Weather – bright sunny and over 80 degrees…

Capt Jim

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