Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 30th - Yes Bay Lodge Fishing Report

Hard to believe only one more day in July and then August starts...the season is flying by!!

The fish are still out there for sure, the weather remained rainy today but no wind to speak of, so it wasn't bad fishing...

For those that braved the rain and stayed out all day there was plenty of fish around with a good assortment of bottom fish and salmon, a sprinkling of silvers, some nice chum and some pinks all hit the dock today as well as a few halibut.

The first two pictures were all day people, they stuck it out and nailed a nice collection of fish...although the remaining groups did just fine as well, they just came in for lunch and warmed up and dried off for a few minutes...

Here are the pics...

And a special catch - saw the bite, picked up the rod out of the rod holder, released it from the ball, felt the bite, set the hook and reeled it in all by herself, always a special fish when you do it all yourself!!

Another fine day of fishing at Yes Bay Lodge in SE Alaska...

Capt Jim

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