Wednesday, July 20, 2011

June 20th Yes Bay Lodge Fishing Report

For those of you following daily, you may have wondered what happened, well quite frankly nothing...the Lodge had the past two days without guests, so crew took a break, time to wash the boats, fix the tackle, several headed to town, clean up the Lodge and enjoy the that all changed the Lodge went from no guests last night to full tonight, so it will be a big day of fishing tomorrow, with ALL boats going look for plenty of pictures tomorrow...

Crew enjoyed the break...I managed to take a few pictures and get some office work finished, trip to town...I am ready to fish tomorrow!!

Here some pictures to enjoy...this is what you are missing by not being here!!

And a couple from town the other day in town...

And some of the rain the other night...

Check back tomorrow for more fishing pictures and a report!!

Capt Jim

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