Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August 8th - Fishing Report

We had a weather change today although the forecast was wrong, how surprising...the forecast said rain and wind in the early afternoon. Well we had some wind this morning, then it calmed down for most of the day but it did rain pretty much all day. But the wind came up pretty good this afternoon and it poured down rain, the ride in was an adventure!

But it was a ride in with fish! Great assortment today and we are starting to see some more silvers which is a nice surprise...

Pictures - Every one tells a story!

Every once in awhile a crew story comes along that needs to be shared...Batman and Slammer were out the other day halibut fishing and Slammer hooks into one and starts to reel it up...when all of a sudden he puts the rod in the holder and pulls his cooler over and sits down while he reels up this monster 8 pound halibut!

Of course you have to understand we watch guests struggle all the time reeling a larger fish up from 300 feet plus, but I can't think of one time in my six years where a guide has had to put the rod in the holder for any size halibut, let alone a huge 8 pounder! Go Slammer - you broke the record!

Always fun times at Yes Bay Lodge in SE Alaska!

Capt Jim

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