Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday 2014 - 4-20-2014 A Day with Friends!

Finally feeling better and thankfully got an invite from some dear friends in Salt Lake for a wonderful Easter Brunch! So off Steve and I went to enjoy the day with friends.

I arrived in Salt Lake last Friday and was feeling parked in the "NO CAMPING" area of my good friends driveway and settled in. All was well, however on Sunday the weather turned cold and I closed the windows on the trailer and fired up the heat...well back to the propane issue again, seems there is still a leak, took me a couple days and a trip to the Doctor on Tuesday...I was prepared to go to the emergency room had a bag packed and everything, figured I was hours away from another stroke...Doc assured me that was not the issue so went back to Steve's and after some serious thinking decided to rule out the propane and turn the propane tank off and sure enough woke up the next day and felt fine, went for my annual sonogram required by the USCG for my license on Friday and passed with flying colors - so now my project before leaving Salt Lake is to find the leak, get new tires for the trailer and maybe get the front of the truck lowered to match the back.

I am very relieved that I was not experiencing another health issue!!

When I pulled in to Salt Lake and my good friends house the first thing I noticed is a sign firmly planted on his garage door which says NO CAMPING!!! After a short gun fight, I got the trailer parked and unhitched!!

Note the yellow sign affixed to the garage door!

Today we went to my good friends daughters house for a first communion party for their grand daughter and I managed to grab a shot of Mom and her new baby boy!!

Then before loading up the pictures - decided a walk with my macro lens in the back yard was in order!

Spring has SPRUNG!!

No real final plans for my trip South to my new job but working on it and will be in Salt Lake for another week or so to get the tires on the trailer, fix the propane leak and a few other errands and visit a few more friends!

The trip South is planned to be an adventure with stops in Capital Reef NP, Cedar Breaks NP, Goblin Valley and Bryce Canyon NP and points in stay tuned for the adventure!

Thanks everyone for the emails and concerns over my health!!!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

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