Thursday, April 24, 2014

Blog Update - Enjoying Salt Lake and problem solving! April 24, 2014

Since the good news from my Doctor and no additional adverse symptoms since turning the propane off in my trailer, I have been on a mission to solve several issues.

1. Find and solve the propane issue.
2. Find new tires for the trailer
3. Find front spring shackles to lower the front of the truck
4. Plan a fun trip through Utah to head to Bullfrog for the summer

So - First and foremost was to resolve the propane leak? Well I bought a new combination propane/LPG - Carbon Monoxide detector - got that and installed and set about with my trusty spray bottle of soapy water to find the propane no avail. Went to the local propane store and asked their advice - was admonished by the owner who called me stupid and suggested that I had wasted my time on the dual detector since it is mounted at floor level to detect propane and the carbon monoxide side will never go off since it is typically lighter than air and needs to be at head height. So I went and bought another Carbon Monoxide detector and put it up near the bed, turned on the propane lit the pilot light and left the trailer buttoned up and sure enough in about 6 hours - the alarm sounded. The pilot light on the stove generated enough carbon monoxide to set off the alarm. So turned the pilot light off and now no issues - slept in cold weather with the trailer all buttoned up the past two nights and no issues. So the reality is I was being poisoned by Carbon Monoxide and not propane!! I am really relieved to make this discovery!

Shopped trailer tires until I am blue in the face, but have located a great place who can not only supply decent tires at a fair price but can also lower the truck. However - the rear shackles on the front leaf springs are on permanent back-order from Ford - but on a truck forum I found a supplier and ordered them and they will be here by Saturday, so hopefully can get that done early next week. Truck first then trailer tires!

In my spare time I have been working on a route South to Bullfrog which will encompass a few areas of Southern Utah I have been wanting to explore.

Not sure this will be the exact route but it is a plan.

So here is the rundown!

1. My starting point in Salt Lake City
2. Scipio - great fuel stop, I always stop here for a rest and to top off!
3. Cedar City - will probably overnight here!
4. & 5. Cedar breaks National Monument - have not been here in years!
6. Panguich Lake - will over night here after exploring Cedar breaks!
7. Town of Panguich - just explore on my way on the highway towards Bryce Canyon
8. Town of Tropic - may spend the night here!
9. Escalante - on the fabulous Route RT 12 this will be an all day trip with plenty of stops for photos
10. Boulder - on RT 12 more exploring.
11. Torrey - on the route to number 12 which is an RV Park where I will overnight
12. Thousand Lakes V Park - overnight
13. Goblin Valley State Park - will arrive here after exploring Capital Reef NP from Torrey! Will spend at least one night in Goblin Valley
14. Bullfrog - after leaving Goblin may stop along the way to Bullfrog depending on the sites to see! Pretty desolate road!

Need to arrive at Bullfrog around the 10th or 11th of May to start work on the 13th!

Should be a great adventure with a ton of pictures. I drove route 12 once before it is known as Utah's Journey through Time Scenic Byway and is an exhilarating drive through some amazing scenery! I have been wanting to do this trip ever since I got the RV.

Stay Tuned for further details!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!


  1. That is scary Jim about the poisonning. Kinda frustrating!

    Is this a recent problem? In other words, did you have this setup last year with no problems?

  2. Jim, what about solar powered electric?

  3. Solar can work but you need quite a bit of battery power (multiple batteries in a bank) and I just don't have the room for them. I have a small generator in the bed of the truck which can power the entire trailer if needed! For now that works fine - noisy but at least I can have power when needed.