Thursday, April 3, 2014

Finally - Getting Ready to Travel!!

I have a very busy few days ahead of me...finally got the rear of the truck lowered and did a hitch-up to make sure everything would work alright - hitched just fine and have plenty of clearance on the truck bed...or at least as much as I need for most travel!

So now comes the planning to leave part! I have altered my trip plans to Salt Lake for a number of reasons, one is finances and the other was some suspected health issues, which seem to be gone now. For a few days I was feeling very bad in the mornings, could not figure it out, but got very concerned - was dizzy, confused and had a very hard time concentrating...I had fear I was leading to another stroke...however when I would spend time out away from the trailer in the fresh air or up at the clubhouse withing about 30 minutes I felt great again...couldn't figure it out?? Then while heating some dinner up the other evening I ran out of propane usage had gone up considerably. But used the microwave to heat dinner and went to bed. The next morning when for the past several days I had been feeling very bad, however this morning I felt great again...Googled the symptoms for breathing propane and quickly realized I had a propane leak someplace and the reason I was feeling so bad, I was poisoning myself!!

So went down and filled the propane tank and got a small spray bottle of soapy water and traced the propane lines and found two cracked fittings. The fittings were on a line that I ran to attach my outside BBQ Grill. So I disconnected that line, put a plug in and end of leak. I also discovered that my propane leak detector in the RV was not working, tore that apart and found a broken wire...fixed that and have not had any issues at all the past few days since Monday when I made the repairs.

So here is the truck hitched up to the trailer with the lift removed.

Now to get the trailer ready to travel - this is the longest I have ever remained in one place and the trailer is a mess. When it is not moving, things get taken out to use and not put away properly, so it will take a day or so to get everything stowed away properly for the trip. Plus laundry to do and some other maintenance items - like getting things that were in the old truck put away properly in the new truck. It is amazing how much stuff moves around in the trailer when underway.

So today is a laundry day and a few other projects. Right now my plan is to leave on Monday the 7th and drive from here to Fire Valley State Park in Nevada, I love that place, spend a night there and maybe two. One of the reasons I am not leaving before Monday is that park fills almost every weekend, so will miss the crowds by arriving on Monday. Then drive from there to Zions National Park and spend a night or two there. Then from there head straight up to my good friend Steve's house in Salt Lake City and prepare for my Doctors appointment on the 21st...then get ready to head down to Lake Powell for my summer job. More details on that trip when it happens.

Here is my route starting Monday!

In many ways I am anxious to get on the road again, seems as though it has been too long. However, I have had a fantastic winter with great weather a great location and met some wonderful people. Have been invited back to work again doing the same thing next winter and right now that is the I will be back here in November!

Stay tuned for updates on the road!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

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