Sunday, April 26, 2015

A gathering of Friends - the Gallery Showing!

Well the long anticipated Gallery Showing at Nine Muses was Friday evening and I could not be more happy with the results, the pictures came out fantastic and the crowd was unbelievable.

I can't begin to thank my Barberton friends and family for the support they showed! Lots of traffic and lots of sales! It is very rewarding for me to share my experiences and art with my friends!

Thank You!

The hanging - Pat Millhoff helped me hang the pictures!

The Opening!

Pat and an old classmate and photographer Jim Martin!

Some of My Family!

Fun afterward at Block 7

For those who want images that are already purchased - I am creating a new gallery online where you will be able to purchase additional prints on any media you wish! I will post links in emails or private messages on FB for you to purchase!

Thanks again for all your support!

Stay tuned for my summer in Yellowstone and many more images!

Capt. Jim - "The Wanderer"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

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