Saturday, June 4, 2016

Ohio Update Welcome to June!

Soooooo - I have now been at my new location for a couple weeks and so far I am loving it...I have primarily been working weekends as that is when the majority of activities are going on and the most people. Memorial Day the place was overbooked and packed.

This park is amazing and has planned activities all weekend, primarily for kids, up to teens...and of course there is the swimming pool and minature golf for when you get bored!

I will share a few pictures from the past few days!

Yogi was out touring the park and signing autographs!

On Saturdays Outback Ray comes to visit with animals! The kids get to touch all the animals!


And a very large Python!

Also got some great pics at the Human FoosBall!

All in all I have gotten some great pics of the kids and activities - reluctant to post pics of kids that I have no idea who they are on the will keep it to scenic and animals!

I have not gotten out and about much yet - but will soon and for sure be at the next Lady Men and Magics meeting on the 15th at Green Diamond!

I did do a little front porch sittin on Tuesday evening at Libby and Bills, had a few beers and caught up on all the goings on and rumors!

Stay Tuned!

You can see all I have taken HERE on my SmugMug site!

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