Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Great Long time Friends and a new Housewarming!

Talk about perfect timing - Marcia Gaynor Diefendorff and Hubby Keith and Sherry Hathaway Lewis and Hubby Jim came to visit me at the RV Park in Twentynine Palms.

I spent most of Saturday and Sunday transferring all my stuff from the old RV to the new one...with the plan to change the flat tire on the new one on Monday morning before everyone arrived. As it worked out, had the spare off the back of the trailer and after searching for a bottle jack and a lug wrench to fit, I got the new trailer jacked up enough to remove the flat and just as I dug out my socket set and started removing the lug nuts - Marcia and Keith pulled in across the way...Keith and Marcia jumped right in and Keith helped me finish changing the tire, then we moved the new RV to the road, unhitched, hitched up to the old RV and moved it to where the new one had been, then hitched back up to the new one and moved it to my permanent site #150. Got it leveled and in the correct position and unhitched...

Then I had to go up and sort the mail (My job daily)...while doing that Sherry and Jim arrived a checked into their cottage...much conversation while I moved a few things around and made a couple small repairs. Then we headed off to the local watering hole for some burgers and beers...old memories discussed at length...a few classmates probably had burning ears...great fun.

Then back to the cottage for some cake and ice cream which Marcia and Keith were kind enough to bring for a housewarming gift...Sherry and Jim also brought a nice gift some cold PBR Tall boys!

Tuesday morning back up and a nice long breakfast out before everyone headed on their way, sadly short visits, but I sure appreciated the old friends visiting.

The Cake!

Sherry even brought a Barberton Herald...

Sherry's Jim was kind enough to take a pic of the group hug!

Some pics of the move from the past several days!

New fridge will be perfect!

Old shower - Now where do a I put all this crap?

I haven't even touched the two totes on the back of the old Trailer!

The back tire was the flat one!

New trailer has some bigger compartments so will need some storage totes to keep things from moving around - looks like some extended trips to Dollar store and Walley World over the rest of the winter to get everything in its place.

Thanks Marcia, Keith and Sherry and Jim for making the effort to stop by - sure was appreciated and fun!

Capt. Jim - "The Wanderer"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

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