Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Adventure Begins

Friday – September 25th, 2009

Well today was another bad weather day, although it seems that Slammers flight did depart Ketchikan this afternoon on time, early this morning Sharon’s flight was cancelled in the morning and now she is not scheduled out until tomorrow morning, so I will be hanging out with Sharon and Dewey until my ferry leaves tonight at 9:30 pm.

Arrived early to board the ferry and was beginning to have a sensitive tooth…so medication was in order, couple aspirin and Gin in the ferry bar seemed in order. Loaded luggage into my stateroom and headed to the bar. Light load on the ferry, not many people aboard, so it was pretty quiet. Windy and rainy, although not near as bad as this morning, so hopefully it will be a pleasant sail to Prince Rupert.

Easy overnight trip, wake up my ship crew at about 3:30 am for 4:30 am arrival in Prince Rupert. Not a very scenic place, especially when you wake up to find in addition to my right black eye, now my left eye is swelled nearly shut. Seems I have an infected tooth or at least that is what I suspect. Thankfully not in too much pain, so it is more swelling than anything else.

Although I look like somebody beat the hell out of me.

Cab to hotel, not a bad place, Harbour View Inn, expected a nice marina, but guess that does not exist in Prince Rupert. Not real impressed with the “Scenic Beauty” of Prince Rupert. Checked into hotel and went to bed.

Took a walk, got some nice warm soup, swelling is a little better this afternoon, can see anyhow. Rain, drizzly weather, not much for picture taking. Rest today and board train first thing in the morning.

Up early again, eye swollen, but not too bad, still no pain, which is the good thing. Cab to train station, pleasant people on the train, boarded and headed for Prince George.

Couple pics attached, of leaving Ketchikan on the ferry at night. More details in the next update later today.


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