Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 1 - Jasper

Tuesday – September 29th, 2009 - Jasper, Alberta Canada

Checked in to Becker's Cabins last evening with my buddy Jim Flinchbaugh from Montana, we had a quick dinner at AW and unloaded the car at the cabin and made plans for a driving adventure around Jasper in the morning.

Early breakfast after coffee in the room then off along a drive towards a town called Hinton and lo and behold we ran across some sheep right beside the road and also a couple mountain goats. What a beautiful sight…it was fantastic.

Then we chose a loop route which would bring us back around to our cabin, little did we know the road we picked, to get off the beaten path, was a gravel road for nearly a hundred miles. Ended up near a beautiful lake then the main highway back to Beckers.

Great day, not good weather, it rained and snowed all along our route and it was cold and windy, so not too many pictures were taken, but we plan to leave and head south tomorrow towards Kalispell, it will be a long drive with plenty of scenery, hopefully the weather will cooperate.

BTW – Eye is almost back to normal, both of them. So that is good news. Feel much better, infection is gone. Love to know how that came about!!

Anyway, more pictures after I get time to process them, but it will be awhile and of course a book is in the making, so stay tuned…



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