Thursday, October 1, 2009

Last Day at Yes Bay

Wednesday September 23rd, 2009

Well today everyone except Kevin and family are leaving the Lodge. This is a couple days earlier from planned, however the weather is supposed to take a decided turn for the worse and we need to get to town as a couple people have flights to catch.

So early this morning the Whaler is getting loaded down with crew, luggage and of course garbage for the run into town. If we leave early enough, we may miss the wind which is supposed to blow pretty good today.

No such luck, by the time the boat was loaded we left a little later than planned. Myself, Dan (Slammer), Dewey (Cutter), Sharon and Nicky left the Lodge at about 8:00 am – managed to get as far as Canoe Rock before we got hit with some serious 30 to 40 mph gusts of wind and of course rain. Luckily the wind had not been blowing long enough to get the water real rough yet, but it would over the course of the 1 hour remaining on our trip, so it was a very rough ride at the end as we entered Clover Pass, with easily 6-8 foot seas, howling wind and horizontal rain.

have attached a picture from the beautiful sky on the morning we left the Lodge. Red Sky in the morning, sailors take warning!!

Arrived Knudson Cove marina, was met by Art and a van for our trek to town. Hauled everything up the ramp in pouring rain, had to use tarps to cover luggage.

Headed to respective hotels and watched the bad weather continue all day!! Several had early morning flights on Thursday which were cancelled due to the weather, so most ended up leaving on Friday. Although Slammers flight in the afternoon on Thursday managed to get out.

So the 2009 Season at Yes Bay Lodge is officially over.

Stay tuned for happenings around the Lodge here during the winter and of course stay tuned for the plans for the 2010 season and the re-launch of Pirate Airworks…on the Yes Bay fishing reports blog.

Have a great winter,

Capt Jim


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