Thursday, October 1, 2009

More Fun Today!

Monday September 28th, 2009

Via Rail – St George to Jasper

I guess nobody has found Godzilla yet and taken that doll away from her. Woke this morning, eye swelled again, maybe worse than yesterday, however, I seemed to have broken fever during the night, which made me feel much better. Until I got up that is, needed a nice shower, no hot water at the Ramada Inn in St George, seems they had a boiler breakdown! Just my friggin luck!!

Oh well, smell like a shoe, goes right along with a swollen face which looks like you should have just spent the night in jail!!

Cab ride to train station, forgot about time change from Alaska, so I am there well ahead of time. Went to visitor center next door and saw this amazing wood carving of a school of salmon, see picture. Then went out and took a picture of our train.

Next picture is of the one stop we made between Prince George and Jasper.

By mid-morning the swelling on my eye had gone down to almost nothing, so I feel and look much better and can see out of both eyes! What a great feeling. More scenery even more dramatic than yesterday as we approach the Canadian Rockies. Beautiful weather, sunshine and blue skies. Every 15 minutes you see something more beautiful than before.

Pulling into Jasper I see a heard of elk grazing right beside the road, this is going to be fun!

Train arrived Jasper and as it pulls into the station, I see my friend there to pick me up, eye swelling is almost entirely gone and no pain, so hopefully one of you people found that miserable last wife of mine (Godzilla) and snatched that doll from her hands, because it seems the hex is wearing off!!

Thank God!


More updates on our travels around Jasper and on down to Kalispell over the next couple days!! It's picture time!

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