Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August 18th - Finally some rainy weather!!

The rain came today, very hard at times. This should help move some more fish in!! Although the fishing remained pretty good, with tons of pinks some real nice silvers and even a few kings! The bottom fishing was a little slower, I am told, but we did have a halibut hit the dock today!!

Here are today's pictures!!

1st a two boat combined group shot, my group of 3 on the whaler and 2 on Guy (Smiley) Hickman's boat, he had the ladies and they out fished us for sure, with 11 real nice silvers and one pink, plus they released a bunch of pinks as well!! We had 16 salmon, with 5 silvers and the rest nice pinks and one legal King...

Now the rest of the day's catch!!

A fine day of fishing in SE Alaska at Yes Bay Lodge!!

Captain Jim Lucas

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