Saturday, August 7, 2010

August 7th - Crew Day- Office Girl Lands a big one!

On a cold and rainy day, office girl Sharon braved the elements and the guides (She went out with Kicker and Batman) with the sole purpose of landing her first big halibut.

After reeling up two Sculpins she was finally rewarded with a decent bite and went about letting the fish take the bait, setting the hook and reeling a real nice 51 plus pounder all the way up from 307 feet! All by her little self, with no help from either Kicker or Batman other than encouragement. She refused to give up the fight and stuck with it all the way!!

According to Kicker she was squealing with delight the whole way (along with a couple derogatory remarks thrown in for good measure)!!

Here is Sharon with her catch along with her guide Kicker!

Always a good day, even on our days off!!

Capt Jim

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