Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August 4th - Tropical Heat Wave!!

The weather has been unusually hot and clear, blue skies, sunshine and high temperatures! Today it was over 80 degrees at the Lodge and even hotter out in the sun! It was a scorcher...didn't keep everyone from fishing though!

This morning only one guest boat went out, the rest went hiking and fished the stream by the Lodge for catch & release trout!

Kicker and I went out fishing for some halibut for the Lodge, managed a real nice 40 pounder plus a beautiful yellow eye snapper!

This afternoon several boats went out and Slammers boat went after salmon while my boat pounded the bottom for halibut. Slammer got a couple nice pinks and 2 nice King boat managed a couple Pacific Cod and called it an afternoon!

Captain Al and guests managed a good rock fish catch in the morning and a couple nice halibut and a large 10 plus pound yellow eye...

Here are the pictures of today's catch!!

Kickers catch this morning!
I used a stand in for the photo because Kicker is too ugly!!

Captain AL (Yea Yea) Bermitz and guests - morning catch!

Captain AL (Yea Yea) Bermitz and guests - afternoon catch!

Captain Dan (Slammer) Colander and guests - afternoon catch!

Close up of King!!

Always a good day of fishing at Yes Bay Lodge in SE Alaska!!

Capt Jim Lucas

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