Thursday, August 5, 2010

August 5th - Dockhand Johnson Saves the day!!

It was another tropical sunny day today, not quite as warm as yesterday, but close and in the sun, it was hard to feel the difference, although the wind came up a little this afternoon, which helped, but made it a little lumpy on the ride in!!

Fishing was good, with some real nice fish hitting the dock! A mixture of nice salmon, including a king, some silvers, some chum and a few pinks. There was also a few halibut, and some great yellow eyes, including our biggest to date this year at 14.5 pounds, nice fish!!

But the "catch" of the day belongs to Kevin Johnson who works on the dock at the Lodge, I came in with my guests for lunch and was off loading our catch, including a real nice 28 pound halibut, which missed the bucket and slid off the dock and right into the water, slowly sinking, but Johnson dropped his shorts and dove in after it and managed to catch it before it hit the bottom!! Although he had to go pretty deep to catch it...the amazing thing was that as he surfaced we noticed he still had his lollipop in his mouth, never missed a lick!!

Too bad we don't have any pictures of his feat...but

Here are the pictures from today's catch...

First here is Batman and Batgirl with their catch (Batman had a visitor, his beau from Florida), they went fishing both yesterday and today!

Here are their pictures...


On with our catch today!

Batman and Batgirl with a nice King!

Me and My guests with the halibut I threw off the dock!!

Slammer and Guests with 14 pound yellow eye plus a 10 pounder!!

And finally a little funny - someone asked Saylor how much she weighed, she didn't know so we put her on the fish scale!! 36.4 pounds - My she is growing like a weed!!

A fine day of fishing and fun at Yes Bay Lodge in SE Alaska!!

Capt Jim

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