Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September 19th - Fishing Report

I apologize for skipping a day on the fishing report, but we had an exchange day with all guests departing and a large group arriving to finish our season. This group is our final group, so four days of fishing then the season ends!!

It just don't get any better than this in September - GREAT silver fishing and GREAT weather! Little cold this morning and of course some dense fog, but once the sun burned the fog off the temperature went up and the fishing stayed hot. There were a few lumps in the water this morning, but once the tide turned it flattened right out to nearly flat calm, in some areas t was actually glass calm...sunny skies with white puffy clouds reflected in the water made for a wonderful scene and top it off with real good fishing all around.

Over 85 silvers hit the dock, plus some nice rock fish, a few yellow eyes and a couple nice was a great day at Yes Bay!!

Lots of fish pictures today!!

A couple guests having some fun!

A Guest artist at work!

Always an Adventure at Yes bay Lodge in SE Alaska!

Capt Jim

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