Friday, September 21, 2012

September 21st - Fishing Report

The day started out perfect with very calm winds and calm seas and tons of real dense fog, so the travel time to the fishing grounds was a little longer, but it didn't matter the fish waited until we got there to turn on and turn on they did with many boats having a limit of 6 per person way before lunch, then they went in search of bottom fish and quite a few of them were found as well! It was a superb day of fishing at Yes Bay with a ton of silvers on the dock, some great halibut, good sized yellow eyes and rock fish!

The pictures will tell the story and there are a bunch!

Look at this late season feeder King! And a white King to boot!

And a little Guest fun! What it means we have no idea...but it must mean something to them!!

Always an Adventure at Yes bay Lodge in SE Alaska!

Capt Jim

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