Saturday, September 22, 2012

September 22nd - Final Fishing Report

The end of the season is always a time with mixed emotions, the crew is all anxious to leave and yet sad to see the summer end.

We were very fortunate this year, we ended the season with a huge bang! We had a large group of 18 who had the entire Lodge for the past 4 days of fishing (or should I say catching!)! It was a fantastic group some were returnee's and a few first time visitors to the Lodge but they all knew each other so there was a lot of ribbing from boat to boat all day everyday and especially at dock time! Every one of them had a great time and we could not have asked for better weather or fishing! It was a huge success and a fantastic way to cap off a wonderful season at Yes Bay.

Successful - I would say so the group is leaving with 1335 pounds of frozen fish! That is dressed, frozen and vacuum packed!

Here are our final catch pictures for the 2012 Season!

Look at that 14 plus pound Yellow Eye - and a side note on the King - It was caught while halibut fishing in 178 feet of water on the bottom!

And how about this nice Squid! You never know what you will bring up from the bottom around here!

Always an Adventure at Yes bay Lodge in SE Alaska!

I will be giving a Lodge/Crew update tomorrow!

Capt Jim

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