Sunday, April 14, 2013

April 14th - Trip North Travel Day 4 and 5

I left my friend Steve's in Salt Lake City Friday morning the 5th of April and made a wonderful drive up to Dillon, Montana. Great day of driving with beautiful blue skies and sunshine and warm weather. Pulled into the Southside RV Park, my favorite place to camp in Dillon, with great people and nice sites! Left them some fish on my way South last fall and they remembered and gave me a special rate for the night! Nice dinner of good prime rib at Sparky's Garage...then back to the camper to check the weather as it was supposed to get bad. And it did! Wind blew all night really hard as another cold front passed by. Early morning up and at em, of course as soon as I started hitching up the rain started and lasted exactly the amount of time for me to get hitched up and things stowed away....of to Micky D's for an egg McMuffin and a cup of joe for the road.

Wind came up again and it was slow going and tedious driving up I-15 to I-90. With weather deteriorating, I decided to skip the Bison Range, even though I was driving right by. As it turns out as I went by it was snowing and blowing and ark grey skies and not very inviting. So I stayed with my day's plan and headed right on to Kalispell, pulled into to Jimbo's, dropped the camper, plenty early for dinner.

And last night it snowed some more and when we got up the ground was covered. Wish winter would go away. Checked the weather in Cantwell, my ultimate destination and it was negative 20 degrees!! OUCH. May have to stick around here and wait for spring to hit in Alaska!

Have some truck work to do, oil change, filter and check the front wheel bearings, so I will be here for the week at least. Right now plans call for me to leave here next weekend, weather dependent!

Took a couple pics over the last couple days!

No time for a Therapy session at the Clark Canyon Clinic this trip, be back in the fall!

Some snow this morning...

Stay tuned for updates, gonna be a busy week!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

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