Friday, April 26, 2013

Update April 26th - from Red Deer Alberta Canada

My departure from Kalispell was uneventful, although I am always a little sad to leave as the Flinchbaugh's have become like family. Which brings me to some personal news, Wednesday the 24th of April my Mother passed away. It was not a surprise she had been battling cancer since I left there in December and we knew it would not be long. So all is well on that front.

The drive from Kalispell was pleasant with blue skies and sunshine and warm weather, border crossing went extremely smooth with no inspection...I was happy about that. Hit rush hour traffic in Calgary and have now confirmed where all the lousy Canadian drivers came from that I hated so much in Florida!!
Planned stop for the night was at the Moose Lodge in Red Deer, Alberta. I was assured there was plenty of room to stop for the night and electric...but about 10 miles out the battery light on the truck lit up and I pulled over to check the belt which was fine, so I drove on losing voltage as I went. By the time I got backed in near and outlet and shut the truck down the truck was having trouble running. Knew it was the alternator so just left things until morning.

Up early - Moose Lodge having a huge garage sale, so plenty of people around with a ton of solutions, several calls made and found an alternator at a parts store and also found a place that was less expensive and told me to drive right over they had a bay open and would fix it in short order. So removed a battery from the camper, put it in the truck, unhitched and headed there by 9:30 am - back at the Moose by 11:30 all fixed and installed for less than the alternator alone.

Now another night in Red Deer, I am out at McDonald's for internet and a late lunch and fill the truck with gas. Plan to leave in the morning towards Edmonton then west towards Grande Prairie. Not sure yet where I will stop as the next leg from Grande Prairie to Dawson City is pretty short and may spend some time there as it is mile 0 Zero for the Alaska Highway and some interesting things to see there - pictures from there!!

Sorry no pictures this post!

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