Sunday, April 21, 2013

April 20-21, 2013 - More Truck work and more snow!

Friday the 19th, my original planned day of departure I took my truck to the alignment shop to get the front end aligned after all the work we had done....well, after closer inspection, it seems the tie-rod ends, inside and outside on both sides were pretty worn and would more than likely not hold a good alignment. The upper and lower ball joints on the drivers side were also a little more worn than we had previously determined, so it was back to the shop for more repairs.

Saturday the 20th of April - tore into the front end again and replaced the upper and lower ball joints on the drivers side as well as the outer and inner tie rod ends on both sides. Took most of the day but we were lucky all the parts were in stock, so we were able to get it all done in one day, before the scheduled weather change.

Hopefully one of the last cold fronts came through last night, we woke to a couple inches of snow on the vallery floor here in Kalispell.

Took a few pictures this morning!

And the above in Black and White!

So the plan is to get the alignment done on Monday or Tuesday and depart when the predicted weather warms on Wednesday or Thursday of this week!

Stay tuned the adventure begins soon!

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  1. Luck sure is with you. I can only imagine how this saga would have gone once you moved further north. Just getting parts could have been a problem as well as finding a place to do the work without paying someone a small fortune. Given how nice the truck looks, I'm kind of surprised at how much wear there was on those parts. Hopefully you've got your mechanical problems behind you and weather will be your only challenge from here. Good luck!