Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 12, 2013 - The most beautiful Drive!

Today I made arguably the most beautiful drive I have ever taken. I drove from Haines Junction in Yukon Territory to Haines Alaska. First the road was perfect and smooth and at every turn of the road was a more spectacular view, so expansive it was nearly impossible to capture with the camera. but if you get to drive to Alaska this is one road you do NOT want to miss. This year I have traveled all around Alaska and so far nothing else compares!

It is only about 150 miles or so, but you are surrounded by big jagged snow capped peaks the entire way and along the valley floor are wonderful small lakes and streams. I saw two nice healthy 2 year old black bears although they scampered into the woods the moment the truck got close.

I arrived in Haines at about 12:30 this afternoon and the first order of business was to hit the car wash and knock 50 pounds of mud and dusty dirt off of the RV and truck, the trip from Tok to Haines Junction had about 12 miles of muddy dirty unpaved road where they are resurfacing. So it was a mess, you can see some of it in this first picture.

After washing the truck and trailer, I drove to my new home, at least for the next couple of months. Oceanside RV Park, right on the water in Haines. It is a very nice RV Park and quite busy. I will be helping with a wide assortment of duties, from checking people in and directing them to their site and giving them local information. It should be a fun summer in an idyllic location, I am excited to get to experience the area.

This is the view from the campground!

Here are a couple more from the drive today!

I started my work right away and all is going very well. Nice people to work for and with and a very beautiful location. I can't wait to explore the area and this nice little Alaskan town.

Whales were breaching out front today and this evening the eagles were playing right in front of the campground. This is a special place!

Stay tuned as my summer adventures progress!

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  1. I hate when you post photos and brag about where you are because I get so envious. Our family has been dealing with some medical issues, so I've been remiss in keeping up with your summer. I'm going to catch up right now.