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June 11-12 Travel Update and Road Conditions!

Sorry for the lack of updates while traveling these past few days, but things have been a little hectic. Once I spent the extra day in Fairbanks repairing the trailer brakes things are much easier, the trailer now helps the truck stop which is a huge benefit. It was worth the three hours crawling underneath the trailer. Anyway I spent a restful evening in Fairbanks remaining at the Wal-Mart parking lot, then got an early start for Tok Alaska first thing Monday morning the 10th of June. Easy drive in drizzling rain from Fairbanks to Tok on very good road, no problems. Pulled in to Tok RV Village for the night to try and hook up with some blog followers from the RV Forum, but they had already left. Did manage to find another couple from the forum and made some acquaintances.

Since I have quite a few lower 48ers heading North to Alaska following the blog I will give a road report for the roughest section of the Alcan.

Tuesday morning I left Tok for the long day 290 mile drive to Haines Junction. For North bounders you may want to reverse what I am writing.

Tok to US Border - Good Road with only one or two marked frost heaves.

US Border to Canadian Customs - about 20 miles

This is by far one of the worst sections of the Alaska Highway. Dirt and mud / gravel sections in several places where road construction is ongoing and just plain rough where there isn't construction. The dirt sections are actually graded and smoother than the paved sections. Most bad areas are marked with cones or orange flags but some are NOT due to proposed repair. There is one culvert being replaced and you have to stop and wait for one way traffic and a pilot car. I waited about 20 minutes. Muddy drive and very dusty during dry periods.

Once through Customs the road gets a little better for quite a ways but there are plenty of marked frost heaves and broken pavement. My top speed was about 50 and average speed for the day was about 40. Several sections put me down to 20-25 MPH.

Burwash Landing - just before (or after Northbound) there is a section being repaved that is dirt and gravel, smooth but muddy and dusty it is about 2 -2.5 miles long, not bad.

Burwash to Destruction Bay - fairly good road with well marked bumps and whoop di doos!

Destruction Bay - right in Destruction Bay they are repaving and another 2-2.5 mile stretch of dirt and gravel. Smooth but muddy and dusty.

Destruction Bay to Haines Junction - Good road with only one or maybe 2 marked frost heaves or pavement breaks.

Tip - I know your RV Looks terrible dirty in Haines Junction, don't bother washing it as it will look even worse after your next section of highway. Tok RV Village has an on-site RV Wash station so stop there and wash it down for the remainder of your trip, generally the roads in Alaska are in much better shape than what you are getting ready to go through.

Today I am heading from Haines Junction to Haines Alaska....stay tuned for pics and details of this scenic drive.

Here are a couple pics from the drive from Tok to Haines Junction!

Here is a 5 shot panorama of Kluane Lake....beautiful spot!

And another single shot....

Stay tuned for my arrival in Haines! I am excited to be back here!

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