Saturday, August 10, 2013

Blog Update - August 10th, 2013 - Bear Indicator

Sometimes you just have to was one of those days!

I took a drive back out to the State park to look for bears feeding in the river and as I got near the boat launch and ramp and picnic area I was carefully scanning the woods and water to look for any signs of bear activity, all seemed pretty calm along the water, so as I slowly drove towards the turn-around I looked down towards the picnic area and a whole flock of Oriental people came flying out of the woods with their picnic plates and food all in hand running towards their car...sure enough it was a key "Bear presence Indicator"!!! I could tell by the speed they were moving and the fact they were all running and carrying their when I finished laughing, I parked the truck and slowly strolled down the parking lot and sure enough, here came Momma and baby bear heading for the water. Ton of people around, so Momma sent the baby bear back to wait...

I said go back and WAIT!

Meanwhile Mom went to the water for a can tell she is well fed, she only ripped out the fat belly and ate the eggs!

I have to say, seeing the group of people flying out of the woods was one of the funnier things I have seen this summer!

Time is winding down for me here in Haines, spent the morning route planning my trip South which begins a week from Monday on the 19th. Target arrival date for Kalispell is sometime around the 28th or 29th depending on scenery and picture opportunities - stay tuned for details!

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