Saturday, August 17, 2013

Blog Update - Packing Up and getting ready to travel!

Most of today was spent getting things ready to roll on Monday morning bright and early. Since my post the other day, I have gotten about 5 emails regarding my specific route and schedule. So for the map is my planned itinerary, of course it is subject to change with weather and photo opportunities! But this is the plan anyway...

Here is the map again....

Travel Day one - Monday August 19th. Depart Haines on the Haines Highway and head North to Haines Junction - about 150 miles. Then after fuel - head on the Alaska Highway Route 1 in Yukon Territory and Route 97 in British Columbia East almost to Watson Lake. Hope to find someplace to camp here at the intersection for the Cassiar Highway - RT 37.

Travel Day Two - August 20th Head down the Cassiar Highway to the turnoff for Stewart and Hyder. I am planning on this being my longest drive day of nearly 500 miles. I will spend at least one night in Hyder maybe two depending on the salmon run and the amount of bears in the river feeding.

Travel Day Three - August 21st or 22nd. Depart Hyder and drive back to Cassiar highway about 38 miles and then continue South towards Woodcock where I hit Route 16 and turn East towards Prince George. I am planning on making it all the way there. About 430 miles. Quick overnight here then an early start on the beautiful drive to Jasper, Alberta.

Travel Day Four - August 22nd or 23rd. Drive from Prince George to jasper on Highway only 233 miles, if it is the 23rd then a Birthday Celebration in Jasper will be in order - maybe a nice steak dinner someplace. 63 years old! I plan to spend at least one night in Jasper and then head down the Icefield Parkway and spend a night somewhere along the road in one of the Provincial Parks and enjoy the scenery!

Travel day 5 - August 23rd or 24th
Drive part way down the Icefield Parkway heading towards my turnoff just past Lake Louise at Castle Junction and pick up Route 93 which will take me on in to Montana

Travel Day 6 - August 24th or 25th - Cross the border in Eureka Montana and drive on in to Kalispell and arrive at the Flinchbaugh Ranch for some rest and relaxation!

Total Trip Shows 2030 Miles and about 40 hours of driving time! Stay tuned for trip updates along the way!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

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