Friday, August 23, 2013

Travel Update - August 23rd, 2013 - Arrived Jasper, Alberta

First I would like to apologize for those following along and my email friends waiting for a status update...sorry to make you worry, however most of remote Canada has failed to keep up with the technology phase these past 100 years and internet service is sporadic at best...right along with their road building capabilities, EPIC FAIL!

Thanks Goodness for McDonalds - for some unknown reason they have been able to overcome the remote obstacles of the wilderness and establish fast internet access and a decent place for breakfast! Thank You!

I left Haines on a rainy Monday the 19th of August, easy drive from Haines, to Haines Junction, past Whitehorse and on to Teslin and had a quiet night at the Yukon Hotel and RV Park...pretty much rain and cloudy all day, beautiful scenery but no real picture opportunities.

Day 2 - Teslin to Hyder Alaska via the Cassiar Highway.

Pretty uneventful drive the Cassiar is an experience the first 200 miles or so is pretty exciting. Very narrow roads with no pull-offs and no berm. No lines on the highway so you just pick the middle until a large truck is coming at you or someone sneaks up behind you and wants to pass. Pavement is not bad with a few frost heaves and about a half dozen pavement breaks to gravel but none longer than a mile or so. From Dease Lake on to Stewart and Hyder the road improves with a little bit wider and lines on the roadway, which makes it much easier. The drive from Rt 37 on Rt 37A into Stewart and Hyder is amazing, beautiful scenery and a wonderful drive. Too bad it was cloudy and rainy. Arrived Hyder late evening after a very long drive, over 12 hours...butt was a little tired - Stayed in Hyder at Camp Run-A-Muck. Nice quiet evening with rain all night.

Went to the Bear watch area at Fish Creek - very nice facility but a little short on Bears, only one who was not real cooperative for the tourists. But I managed a picture or two. So here are some shots:

Plenty of Salmon in the river spawning...

Lots of dead spawned out salmon!

Finally one bear in the distance looking for a snack!

Getting creative looking for something to shoot!

Had to shoot the Glacier! Although bad light and light rain and weird sky!

With the poor weather I decided to drive on out and head further South. So left Hyder after fuel and headed down the remainder of the Cassiar Highway which was good road and better as you got further South. Hit the junction of 16 and the Yellowhead and turned East and made a long day and stopped for the night at Ft Telkwa RV Park about 11 miles past Smithers for those following on the map. Rained pretty much all night, limited internet in the campground - very, very slow. So went to bed and woke to more rain.

Decided to try and get out from under the rainy weather and make a long drive to Jasper Alberta. Very long day on good roads with plenty of nice fuel stops and hit Jasper after a early morning start - 6:00 am - arrived in Jasper at about 7:00 pm, another 12 hour day of driving...butt tired again. Checked in at the KOA for 2 nights near Hinton AB. Nice park good facilities, except internet - so processed a few photos of my arrival in Jasper and hit the bed with morning plans for this McDonalds stop for breakfast and technology! So here are a couple pics from my drive from Jasper to Hinton.

Now some animals along the road from Jasper to Hinton!

Hope to maintain better contact - but will be here tonight also and then start the drive down the Ice Field Parkway towards Montana - planned Kalispell arrival sometime Sunday. Hope to take a bunch of pics today and tomorrow on the drive out! This area is so beautiful!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

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