Thursday, May 1, 2014

Blog Update - Salt Lake City and Chores! May 1st, 2014

I am still in Salt Lake City getting some issues with the truck and trailer resolved, now that all my health issues are over, I can finally make some headway on lowering th front of the truck and getting new tires on the trailer.

Last week I located some new shackles for the front leaf springs on the truck, they got ordered and I received them straight away with free shipping! So yesterday I went to the place where I am buying my tires for the trailer and they removed the 4 inch lift shackles and shocks and installed the new stock shackles and new shocks and now the truck is sitting level and it even rides a little better without the springs being stretched the extra 4 inches! They also managed to fix the electrical issue I had with the plug-in for the trailer and I now have taillights and running lights, on the trip up I had brake lights and turn signals but the wire for the taillights and running lights did not work, so could only drive in daylight!

Here is how she sits now!

I have listed the 4 inch lift components on a Ford Truck forum and hopefully will get that sold soon, before I leave here with a little luck, if not by the time I get to Bullfrog!

Here are all the components ready to pack and ship!

Tomorrow I am scheduled to hitch up and head to the local dump station and empty my waste tanks and then take the truck and trailer down to have 5 new tires put on the trailer!

I am still working on my route South and will more than likely shorten my trip a little due to the delay in getting things accomplished here in Salt Lake. I will keep everyone updated and post my route in a day or so, weather is supposed to change early in the week when I plan to leave, may leave on Sunday, not sure yet!

Stay Tuned!

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