Saturday, June 28, 2014

Blog Update - Around Kalispell 6-28-2014

Just an update to showcase some pics from the past few days! Things have been busy around here and the weather has NOT been cooperating.

Thursday Jimbo and I took the boat out to see if we could find some fish - no winds when we left but light rain, the new top on the boat worked great - amazing engineering feat by Jim - he made the frame and sewed the fabric was nice a dry and worked well! Sadly the fish did not cooperate and we got skunked...bagged it early when the wind came up and the rain continued even least the boat got washed.

Jimbo at the helm and under the cover!!

Rainy day on the water!

Went for a short drive to take some pics of the Canola fields and some barns and stuff on Friday morning before the rain and managed to surprise a deer and her baby in the Canola....sadly the baby was hiding at picture time!

The deer!

Weed in front of the Canola Fields

Watering Wheel!

The field!

Montana Fence Post!

Spliced barb wire caught my eye!

Storm clouds over a Montana barn!

Old Homestead - wonder what lives began and ended here??

Storm over the farm!

Tons to do over the next couple days in preparation for our next adventure up the North Fork - will be up there about 10 days or so, fill up the camper with water and food and fishing gear shopping, laundry, load firewood in the truck. Hopefully this weather will clear up and get nice - have to load up the rafts and frames.

The trailer is a mess with cottonwood seeds, need a good pressure washing before I leave. I'm just happy my new camera is due to arrive on Monday, thanks Toni Ard for shipping so quick.

Stay tuned, still lots of adventure and picture taking to come!!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

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