Thursday, October 31, 2013

Blog Update - Time to reflect on this past year's travels

First, I would like to thank my truck for surviving the tremendous ordeal I put it through these past couple years and especially the past 7 months. My adventure North began in Kingman Arizona on April 8th - 9,044.7 miles ago. And ended yesterday afternoon with my arrival in Twenty-nine Palms, California. The truck and trailer survived with very few issues. The truck never left me stranded and only one repair while "on-the-road". Of course I had to rebuild the front end in Montana, but that was planned, a surprise at how bad it was, but at least at the BEST repair facility, my good friend Jim Flinchbaugh super mechanic! First day after leaving Flinchbaughs the alternator died in Red Deer, but the truck got me to the Moose Lodge and I was able to find a reasonable repair place...but it got me there!

Here is a little summary of the adventure!
Total Miles - 9,044.7
States or Provinces - 22
Fuel Costs - $3,409.83
Average MPG - 11.05
Average Fuel Price Paid - $4.63 per gallon
Highest Fuel Price Paid - several time - $6.10 per gallon
Fuel in Gallons - 751.69

It was an amazing journey with too many stories to tell here, but a book is in the making!

Now to tell the story the way I prefer - in Pictures - a few of the highlights!

Rebuilding the front end of the Ford in Montana

Finally hitting the start of the Alaska Highway!

The two spare fuel tanks after the "out of fuel" adventure in the middle of friggin nowhere!

They are still in the truck and still full and will be from now on!

Just part of the beautiful drive...

The sign post forest!

A beautiful view!

Hazardous Driving Conditions...

The amazing view of Mt McKinley!

The wildlife!

The jet boat fiasco!

The wonderful experience of Denali!

Finding a glorious spot after leaving Denali!

Finally an answer to the Age Old Question!

The wonderful Crab Feasts in Haines! Thank you Joyce and Kerry for a wonderful summer at Oceanside RV Park in Haines, AK!

The "Bear Scare" will always be a great memory!

The scenery is unforgettable and hard to explain! Alaska is amazing!

Fireworks over the water in Haines!

Making great friends at the campground and enjoying the evenings!

The feeding bears!

The animals on the return trip through Canada!

The opportunity to return to Yes Bay for a little fishing and work!

Back on my boat!

A nice King Salmon!

Fishing with my great friend Steve Carter on the wonderful Beaverhead in Dillon MT.

Enjoying great friends in Salt Lake City!

Able to enjoy one of my favorite spots as one of the last nights of my long journey!

Stay tuned my friends for another adventure is just beginning with my winter near Joshua Tree National Park begins. I will post a couple pics tomorrow of my winter spot. Today is a get settled day and reflect on the good things I have been able to experience this past year!

I will begin on a "magazine" of this adventure in the coming weeks...there is so much to say and show.

Sorry this is so long, but tough's my blog!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

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  1. Wow that Yes Bay sunset picture needs to go up on Fine Art America. That one will sell!!