Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Blog Update - May 14th, Ready for Work!

Well, it has been an interesting week and a half since I left my Good Friends in Salt Lake City, who by the way is heading to Dillon on Friday to fish the Beaverhead, wish I was going with them! But have plans to make the trip this fall!

I drove from Salt Lake to Torrey, Utah and had an easy drive. Stop at a nice RV Park and withstood the cold, rainy weather and spent time getting the trailer squared away for travel. Contacted my new job only to discover that my RV spot was not ready and I could not arrive until Sunday the 11th of May, so I had to regroup and find a place to stay a few more nights, the RV park was a little pricey and my budget dictated a more frugal existence. Did a little research and found a that Capitol Reef National Park had a wonderful campground within the park only about 12 miles away and I was happy to find out that with my Senior Pass the cost per night was only $5.00 per night, fit right into my budget. It is a dry campground with no electric or water or sewer, but it is beautiful. I had some gas for the generator and plenty of water and the waste tanks were empty, so on Tuesday I left in the morning from the RV park and got a good spot before it filled up (no reservations allowed).

So, I spent Tuesday through Saturday at the "Fruita" Campground in Capitol Reef NP and could not have been happier!

Here is a nice sunset picture from the RV Park in Torrey!

This was the morning I left the RV Park in Torrey and drove to Capitol Reef!

On the way to Capitol Reef I stopped and took this pic of the truck and trailer! I used this pic below for my new footer!

This is the campground in Capitol Reef (Fruita Campground)!

This is my neighbor behind me in a new Airstream - the "Bambi" the smallest model, real nice!

Every night a herd of small mule deer came down to the campground!

I took a couple drives in the park - wonderful scenery, but it was cold, windy and rainy most of the time. I still managed to get a few good pictures!

I also took a walk to see the petroglyhs! Amazing!

Also saw a nice robin!

On Thursday I drove to Goblin Valley State Park! This is a 10 shot panorama to show the size of the valley!

It is hard to describe Goblin Valley, but it is one of my favorite places in Utah - the Valley is full of these sandstone goblins which you can walk through and explore - must be 2 miles square! You can actually see a couple people in the above picture in the Valley!

Of course the other scenery is breathtaking as well!

On Sunday I drove from Capitol Reef to Bullfrog - met my new boss and found a temporary spot with electric for the night and took a little tour around the marina. Monday I moved the trailer to a more permanent location with full utilities. It is not very level so will be moving to the site next door when maintenance gets a bad circuit breaker replaced. Much nicer with some trees and a little larger site. Should get that done this week.

Tuesday I had HR and paperwork and orientation to go through. Then back to the site and set up my Sat Dish so I could watch my favorite shows - NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles and Person of the tailgater by Dish - took about 5 minutes to set up.

Today I was required to attend more training - the Boater Safety Class! Interesting, but pretty much only a requirement as I think I knew everything! Then back to the trailer this evening for a nice ribeye steak and some sauteed onions and a salad!

First official day of work at 0800 in the morning, I am excited to get started. I have only taken a couple pictures around Bullfrog, hope to take more on the dock tomorrow and will get my spot shot when I move the trailer.

Like the location, it is amazing here and my boss is a real nice guy and this place is going to be very busy starting next week, so I anticipate an intense week of training getting ready for the Memorial Day Rush!

Stay Tuned for more updates in a couple days!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

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