Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Blog Update - May 20th, 2014 - Summer Job Underway!

Well, my first week of work is complete, actually 2 weeks...and all is well! Job is a little different than what I thought, but then again, I expected that so no problems. Took a few days to get an electrical problem solved (bad breaker) in the RV Spot I preferred, but they jumped right on it and I moved the trailer to my permanent spot a couple days ago and now the trailer is level and in a wider, bigger spot and I am happy.

It has been very hot and a little windy here for the past few days, had a busy weekend this past week and have a super busy weekend coming up with over 20 boats leaving in one day - it will be a zoo, but yesterday we started staging the boats to get ahead of the game and that will continue on my two days off, today and tomorrow, so hopefully all will be ready to go the day before the rush, which is always the goal. Luckily, about 20 new people arrive this week and will be in training, so it will help with the workload and another 20 or so start next week, which again will be a great relief.

The new boat - Axiom is scheduled to arrive on the 28th - 2 of them and one is going out on June 1st - so that boat will have to get ready right away, I am anxious to see this wonderful boat...pictures look beautiful....stay tuned for it's arrival!

While downloading pictures from my camera this morning I found a few from the campground in Capitol Reef and the drive over to bullfrog.

One mule deer photo from the campground!

The drive from Capitol Reef to Bullfrog!

This is a distant view of the marina where I work....

Took this after the long walk back to my truck the other day in the wind!

This is my RV Site - have trees on the right for morning shade!

Need to get some weed killer - those weeds in the foreground are sand spurs and I stomped on one in the middle of the night, was not fun....now I make sure there are none on my shoes when I come in the trailer and try to avoid getting near the plants!!

Sat Dish!

Several people have emailed about the type of Sat Dish I got for television, so figured I would put a picture up - it is fully automatic and powered through the cable - put it out, make sure it has a clear view to the south and in about 10 minutes it is up with the program guide all downloaded! Works great!

The job is tiring, I must walk about a zillion miles everyday, legs are fine, but the old feet are beat by the end of the day, not much time to sit down on the job and the lunch time is welcomed! Made a mistake and wore new shoes the first day and got a blister, so that is healing and should be better in a few days, stupid on my part!

Today is laundry day and run a few errands, but mostly rest!! Gonna be a very busy week this next week! Memorial Day!

Stay Tuned for more updates and some new pics I hope to take today and tomorrow!!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

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