Sunday, May 11, 2014

Blog Update - Weeks highlights and on to Bullfrog today!

Interesting past few days...after Salt Lake I arrive in Torrey, Utah and stayed at my planned stop at Thousand Lakes RV Park. Nice campground although it was very windy and just hung out and got the trailer squared away after the trip. Before leaving I filled the water tanks and emptied the waste tanks knowing that I would be spending the rest of the week at the "Fruita" Campground in Capital Reef National Park. The campground at Fruita is a beautiful site, nestled along a river bottom with green trees and shade and grass between the sites. It is all dry camping with no hook-ups, but a wonderful campground. The cost is $10.00 per night but with a National Park Senior Pass it is only $5.00 per night, a real bargain.

I arrived in the Fruita campground about 1:00 pm on Tuesday and found a nice site right away, but within an hour or two the campground was full. This morning a few people left and within about an hour by 10:00 am as I was heading out to explore the campground was full again. So if yu are planning on this place, it is first come first serve and you need to get your site in the morning, the earlier the better.

As expected the weather took a turn for the worse today, so before the weather and rain hit, I did the 10 mile scenic drive right out of the campground and it was beautiful. This park lies off the beaten path and does not get the traffic it deserves, it is an amazing place, everywhere you turn is a georgeous view. I am glad I decided to delay my trip down to Bullfrog and spend a few days exploring the area.

Major mishap today, just as the rain hit I decided to drive the 10 miles bak in to Torrey and retrieve my emails and hit the ATM for a little cash. I was expecting a deposit and thanks to Kevin Hack it was there! Wonderful still doing work for the Lodge and earning a few extra bucks. However on the way back to the campground, I heard a loud screetching noise and looked in the rear view mirror and watched my bed cover lift up from the front and disintegrate before my eyes, before I could pull over and stop. So that will need to be replaced, will surely write the company a letter as one of the front hold-downs failed and once the wind at 55 mph got underneath it, it was toast!

On my early morning drive I attached my GoPro camera to the windshield with my new suction cup mount and took some pretty interesting video, will get it up and online as soon as I can get a WiFi signal. No cell phone service here or of course no wireless. So it may be a while before I post this and get the pictures uploaded and the video processed.

Tomorrow morning weather permitting, I am going to hike to the Hickman Bridge and hopefully get some good pictures in the morning light.

Right now it is raining pretty hard with a few snowflakes mixed in...little chilly, but not cold!

I spent the entire week at the Fruita campground and it rained almost every day - which made it bad for picture rained all last night pretty hard and it is still raining this morning on my drive down to Bullfrog. I am in Hanksville right now in the truck where I can get a WiFi signal and decided to get this uploaded!

More pics tomorrow after I get hooked to electric and can upload some pictures.

Note the new truck and trailer pic at the bottom!!

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  1. When we were at Fruita, there were deer all over that would come down and eat the windfall apples. At times there was probably 50 head or more in the different orchards. It was crowded then also, but I thought it was because of the apples. People were picking them by the bushel. One couple I talked to had been coming there for 20 years and getting apples for canning and apple sauce. There were several trees of Golden Deliciuos that were very good.