Monday, May 5, 2014

Blog Update - Thankful for friends and the journey to my new summer job!

I departed my good friend Steve's house yesterday afternoon and arrived part way to my new summer job last evening, just in time to catch a very pretty sunset!

This is my view this morning!

Some thoughts and old memories!

I have long felt that you only meet a few lifetime friends and I am fortunate to have a couple in Salt Lake City! Ironically we all met and worked together over 26 years ago and have remained close after all this time, even with me leaving Utah in 1993 and not returning for a visit until about 2009 or so....and it seems we continue to grow even closer together with the passage of time.

Some history!

I left Florida and moved to Utah in 1988 and wound up getting a job at K/P Graphics a medium sized commercial printing company in Salt Lake. I started out as a temporary fill in estimator and wound up full time as the plant manager in short order. I was tasked with organizing the production team from the existing staff.

Recently while staying in my good friend Steve's driveway he and I spent an evening with our other co-worker and he mentioned he found some old slides from a photo shoot for a capabilities brochure from K/P. Steve volunteered to scan them and give us each copies which he did. So I have a few old pictures of my good friends to share!

First my "Camp Host" for the past several years while in Salt Lake and fishing buddy in Montana! Steve Carter!

Note the ancient old typesetting computer to Steve's right! Steve was our customer service rep, graphic designer and typesetter and also did some sales!

Next the production team!

L/R - me, Marie Diamond (Planner), seated my good friend Lynn Hewitt (Estimator) and standing right side Renee Gardner (Scheduler. It was a great production team and the basis for my long term friendship with Lynn and Steve!

And Renee and I at the scheduling board

So after all these years - my good friend Steve makes his driveway my home whenever I pass through Salt Lake which is at least twice a year for the past couple years - North and Southbound. The past two years we have also met up in Dillon Montana for a little trout fishing on the wonderful Beaverhead River!! Great Times.

He is such a gracious host, I can never thank him enough for his accommodations when I travel through, most recently with health issues and things to get done on the truck and trailer and my annual Doctors appointment I was there for 24 days!

So Steve Carter Thank you for your hospitality!

With the weather being a little funky, it looks like my visit to Capital Reef and Goblin Valley will be cut a little short, the wind is howling today and looks like some rainy dreary days are arriving tonight and tomorrow, so more than likely will drive through Capital Reef and head on down the "Trail of the Ancients" to Bullfrog in fairly short order! I am sure that there will be quite a few pictures along the way!!

Stay Tuned! Note new picture of truck and trailer in the footer!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

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