Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 13, 2013 - Going to the dogs!

The spring is coming late this year to Cantwell, we still have 4 feet of snow everywhere the plows haven't been and the river is starting to open a little but we are probably 10 days away from open water to begin the boat tours.

The tour companies have people who will begin to arrive on the 15th, so we need to get something going and the quickest and easiest was to get the dog camp built and ready for guests, so today we took a day off from working on the boats and headed over to the dog camp area and proceeded to set up camp.

The big project for the day was to set up a huge tent for the presentation area and a place where the guests can get in out of the weather and look at some dog mushing paraphernalia! Then watch the dogs get hooked up and go for a little 1 mile ride on the dog cart! It would be a cold and windy day to wrestle the tent up!

The tent is brand new which is nice, however it was measured and purchased to fit the old frame of TWO tents. So the first project was to break out the poles and try and make sense of the pile of poles. Once we got that sorted out it was put together a huge tinker-toy frame, then man-handle the new tent over the frame and hoist it up. It actually went much smoother than any of us thought it would and in no time we had the tent up.

The Frame!

The tent!

A Better Picture of my boat!

Some pics of the Neighborhood!

Things are going well, if only the weather would cooperate a little and we had open water on the river we could start running tourists who are already booked on the 15th!

Hope for Sun! Stay Tuned for more updates!!!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

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