Friday, May 3, 2013

May 3rd - Alaska Arrival

Today's plan was pretty simple...get to Alaska! I was warned that fuel may be an issue, but in reality there were plenty of places open and I arrived in Tok with plenty to spare and didn't have to use my spare tanks.

Today was by far the most spectacular scenery on this trip so far. The snow peaked mountains were astounding! From a driving standpoint as advertised, this was the roughest section of the highway with warning cones for frost heaves and rough sections all the way from Watson Lake to the border. Once you get to the border the road smooths right out, so either the Canadians need to stop hiring road crews trained in Ohio or take some lessons from the Alaskan's!

All in all a very enjoyable drive with no real issues, have a weird squeak in the trailer suspension to check out in the morning, but nothing serious I am sure. I am VERY happy that I rebuilt the front suspension on the truck before this trip. It would NOT have survived....Thank You Jim Flinchbaugh!!

Now some pictures....

First - here are the frost heave waring cones and flags!

Now some scenery!

Tomorrow is a re-group day - check the trailer suspension and maybe make a short trip to Delta Junction for some sightseeing and then on towards Fairbanks planning another stop to get things cleaned up the truck and trailer are both filthy. Then on Sunday make the drive to my summer home in Cantwell.

Stay Tuned for the next leg of my journey!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

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  1. Summer home in Cantwell?

    1. Yep - Something new for a change - driving a jet boat on the river outside of Denali!!