Friday, May 10, 2013

The end of my trip could not have ended any better! A four thousand plus miles journey with nearly a month of traveling and the last 150 miles are some of the most scenic I have ever seen...and good dry roads and clear sunny weather!

Before leaving Fairbanks for the last leg to Cantwell, I stocked up on supplies, pressure washed the truck and trailer, filled with fuel and ran a couple important last minute errands! Then I headed down the road towards my new summer home!

Just a little of the scenery!

Until I finally pulled into the Denali Wilderness Safari Camp and got the RV Settled in to a temporary site!

Camp Main Street!

My Boat!!

Yesterday my first day was a busy day....had to drive north about 50 miles to take the drug test, then we did a nice presentation for the folks at Princess Lodge to the drivers, tour guides and tour desk people. Then back to pull the deck up on the big boat for a USCG 5 Year hull inspection. Lot's of work, now to clean it out and hopefully we got the ice melted in the bilge overnight!

Should be a fun summer, I am anxious to get on the river as soon as the ice clears. Late spring this year!!

Stay Tuned!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest


  1. A wonderful story Jim. We've been dealing with health issues with my mother-in-law for the past 5 weeks, so I just found time to read up and am glad I did. I've been to Fairbanks and have driven to Clear, about 70 miles north of your summer home. I know you weren't looking for motels, etc., but did you happen to notice what was available at your various stops from Dawson's Creek to Cantwell? Is there a reason you went up through Red Deer vs through Banff? The terrain perhaps? Or the weather? I don't know that I'd ever make such a trip, but I'm curious. The biggest deterent I guess is that I'd have to come back the same way.

    1. Since I was so early in the year and expecting bad weather, I was told the easiest and safest as far as weather goes was to go straight North out of Shelby, Montana to Edmonton then hang a left, best roads and most likely to be kept clear. Banff and Jasper have some pretty steep mountain passes which can get difficult in the winter.

      As for hotels and restaurants 95% were closed, but there was generally enough rooms open for the amount of travelers going through.

  2. Are the pictures of the boat the one you will be running this summer?

    Jim Wright

    1. Yes, That will be one of the ones I will run - this is a 6 passenger max we also have a much larger twin engine boat that carries 12...I will run that sometimes as well.

  3. Good to see that made it safely. Crazy that there is still so much snow and ice up there. Florida is already starting to feel like summer!


    1. Not summer here yet, cold windy and a little bit of flurries this morning! Work to do though, so muscle through it!

      Have fun in Hawaii when you go Will! Be thinking about you....