Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Update - From Big Sky Montana - change of plans!

One thing I can always rely on while traveling...about the time you have a plan for my next destination, it changes. I arrived in Kalispell last Sunday and have spent the past week relaxing and working on a winter plan. Also shopping for a newer truck and trying to figure out where to be for the winter. The past week has been filled with some maintenance tasks as well, the Alaska Highway put an ass whippin on the truck and trailer. Replaced the front driver side hub and bearing on the truck, probably should have replaced it last spring when I did the other side, but it didn't seem bad, the ALCAN took care of that problem as when we took it apart this time it was in worse shape than the other side, with grease pushing out of the bearing assembly and it spun loud and rough. Car is now quiet again with the new hub and bearing, a pleasure again to drive at 40-50 MPH when it was the noisiest this last 2000 mile trip down from Alaska.

I am continuing to search for a winter job, so far nothing definite, but there could be a boat job in AZ which I will check out when I head South, but just about the time I was making plans to leave I got a call from Yes Bay about coming up for a couple weeks to help with a large group and lay out the marketing plan for the winter and booking next season. Since the truck and RV are in a good place to leave them, I will be flying up to Alaska on Friday the 6th of September and returning on the 20th of September, so a good solid two weeks of guiding and fishing is just what the doctor ordered, I am really looking forward to returning to Yes Bay. So after making a few repairs to the truck and trailer, the past few days have been spent dragging my Alaska fishing gear out of storage in the RV and trying to figure out how to get it all packed for the return trip in a few days! Plus a couple trips to the tackle store to pick up a few items...always find too many things that I need!

Took a scrub brush to the truck and trailer and they are both now nice and clean and ready to head South when I return from Alaska.

Went to the race track on Friday to watch some practicing and see if my buddy Jim's car will get them through the end of the season after the main car blew an engine...so now revamping a borrowed car to finish the season with.

While there at practice I could not help but get a picture of this nice car!

And a picture of my buddy Jim with hands on the borrowed car ready to make a few suspension tweaks to get a couple more seconds off the lap time.

Was planning on taking the Road to the Sun through Glacier today but it is raining and overcast so we will try again tomorrow. That means today will be spent putting 10 pounds of crap in a 5 pound bag and getting ready for Fridays departure.

Hopefully we will get to Glacier tomorrow and get some pictures, but stay tuned for some fish pics from Alaska over the next few weeks! The Professor returns to Yes Bay!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest and Alaska!

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  1. Yay! Back to Yes Bay! Cant wait to see pics, I sure miss it up there this time of year. Take care!