Saturday, June 13, 2009

June 11 - 13 Fishing Report

Sorry I have been a little remiss in posting to the blog the past several days! It has been busy with guests and fishing and helping with new crew!

Thursday June 11 – Fished in the morning with Kicker and managed a really nice 18 pound bright Chum Salmon and a couple small shaker Kings. Several of the boats managed some fish, see the attached pics, including a few small halibut.

Friday June 12 – The fishing slowed a little today, however, Slice managed a couple really nice Kings late in the afternoon. One was a 33 pounder and another 28 pounder, so the Kings are becoming a little more regular. The rest of the crew worked on their boats and got ready for a load of guests to arrive.

Saturday June 13th – A little slower fishing today although several boats brought in some smaller Kings and an assortment of small halibut and rockfish. Overall a pretty good day, it seems the fishing is improving with every day that goes by.

The weather continues to amaze us, bright blue skies and sunshine and warm!! Haven’t had any significant amount of rain in over a month!!

Capt Jim

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