Saturday, May 9, 2009

Day 3 - Beautiful Day!! Well Almost!

Things are a little better today, managed to access at least one of my email addreses...without your computer you are really in a mess! Who can remember all the various passwords to access all the accounts!!

Anyway, if you want to email use:

All the others won't get responded to until I get my computer back! Need a battery charger for it...we'll see about picking one up in Juneau, of course, with luck, my luggage will be there and all will be solved.

We are cruising up the outside and the weather is spectacualr. Very calm seas, making a good 19 knots, light winds and sunshine. Little cool but still very beautiful!

All set for my photography tour tomorrow afternoon in Juneau, weather promises to be more of the same. Laundry tonight, so at leat I will have clean clothes for my day in Juneau.

No luggage and I will be off to Wal_Mart for some serious shopping...also try and find a charger for my computer...

I hope to be able to post some pictures tomorrow, if I get the computer back up. Full moon tonight and if the moonrise is as good as last night, there are some great pictures there.

Post comments away!! Enjoy my misery you bastards!! I'm still the one on a cruise, on my way to Alaska, so I'll appreciate your comments!!

Capt Jim!!

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