Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 23 and 24th - Meet Cinder our Karelian Bear Dog

Cinder is one of three Lodge dogs. It is a Karelian Bear dog and its job is to keep bears away from the Lodge. We also have another younger Karelian bear dog - Nikko and then we have an older husky named Cassiar. All three are in the second picture....the only way to tell Cinder and Nikko apart is Cinder has some grey hair around its nose and face.

A little about the breed. The Karelian Bear Dog has a good sense of humor. It is sensitive, independent, intelligent, skillful, tough on itself, and energetic. A robust, persistent, and powerful dog, it is willing to take on virtually any game animal. This dog is very loyal to its owner's family and makes a good household companion when it has owners who know how to and the dog is extensively trained. This is not a breed for the casual pet owner, the Karelian Bear Dog is a hunter of unyielding bravery and determination. It will put a bear to flight or attack it with great pugnacity. The true outdoors enthusiast and dedicated hunter can look to this hard-working breed with delight and utter satisfaction. Owners must be capable of handling this very forceful canine. An owner who understands canine behavior, how to communicate displaying authority over the dog, proper training socialization are absolute musts. It may try to dominate other dogs and are perfectly willing to fight. Owners must communicate this is not an acceptable behavior. This dog needs a handler with natural authority. The training should be very consistent with both a firm hand and affection. This is not a breed for inexperienced dog owners. They are affectionate towards people and will announce both welcome and unwelcome visitors. Visitors the dogs knows well will get an enthusiastic welcome while strangers may be treated coldly. This breed is very protective. They will protect you with their life. The Karelian Bear Dog can live with other household animals if they know where their place is in their pack (below all others) and if the training and socialization is properly handled. This breed has a small appetite for its size.

Saturday May 23 - Today was the day to start to get the kitchen squared away. It was cleaned real well at the end of the season, so today we paint! Nicky, Dewey and I painted the entire kitchen including the ceiling and all the shelves. Quite a days work. It came out beautiful, so good in fact we are going to paint the last wall on Monday.

The lodge switched from the 20Kw generator to the 40 kw generator. Still shutting down at night, but more power and it meant hot water in my room, which was a real plus...after all that painting a nice warm shower in my own room was a pleasant experience.

Nice dinner tonight, Nicky made rice and some nice sockeye salmon fillets which we cooked on the grill...very good!!

Dewey took Art back into town so he could continue to work on the last few boats and make a supply run around town for us on Monday and Tuesday.

Large food order has been placed and we are going to pick up the new fishing gear for me to get ready for crew arrivals which begin on Wednesday and continue through Sunday the 31st.

Sunday May 24th
- Day off today, had to do a little generator work, 40 is kicking on and off, seems to be fixed now, but we will only be running it a few days until crew starts to arrive, then we will switch to the big generator and start warming up the guest rooms and drying everything out, although it is not damp at all this year, but with more people we will need more electricity anyway, plus we need to fire up the kitchen cooler and dock freezer, which take a ton of power.

Monday we will finish up the kitchen and start on some dock repairs. Tuesday is a run to town for groceries and fishing gear and we will bring out one more small boat. They are almost all out here now, only a couple more to go total.

More Later,

Capt Jim

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