Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monday May 25 & Tuesday May 26th

Monday May 25th - Today we finished painting the kitchen and cleaning up around the Lodge. I cleaned the laundry room and finished up some Lodge laundry. The place is really starting to look ready. Ran the big generator and dried out one wing of the Lodge with the heaters on, ran the dishwasher in the kitchen and started getting everything cleaned and put in its proper place.

Tuesday May 26th - Today Dewey and I head into town to make a grocery and supply run. Fishing supplies are in and the first grocery order, so it will be a huge boat load. Dewey will help Art switch out a couple motors on the boats then bring out one of the small boats with more groceries and supplies. Lots of loading and unloading today.

Some crew arrives tomorrow so it will be another trip to town for me, after working on sorting out the fishing gear and starting to get that all set up in the tackle room.

The weather finally turned to normal, been raining for the last couple days...


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